RHAP's Multiculturalism Day Event was a major success, and we could not have done it without the help of this grant.

Before our event, we met with an Indigenous cultural adviser to inquire about how we could provide an event that would not erase the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada. We were taught that we could honour our food by thanking the earth and honouring it for providing our meal. We also hired an Indigenous community member to speak about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada, and ways we can move toward reconciliation.

For our event, we provided a hot lunch, trivia games, crafts, and lots of activities. Our community members absolutely loved the buffet-style lunch that was provided, with different dishes from various different cultures. RHAP provided some food, but many community members made their favourite dishes from their culture to share with everyone. Some individuals even had their own table set up with art, snacks, photos, flags, and other items which they believed represented their culture, and community members were able to walk around and be educated by others about different cultures. This was a great way for our community members to meet and connect with one another, while also learning a lot about other cultures in the process.

One very popular part of our event was our Balloon-Pop Trivia Game. Over fifteen balloons were blown up with answers to trivia questions about various cultures and countries around the world inside. Our MC would ask a question, wait for a few people to think of an answer, then pass the balloon out to the kids to pop it, and read the correct trivia answer. There were prizes and candies awarded to the individuals who answered the question correctly.

Community members also painted kites that either represented themselves or their culture, and there was a competition to see who could fly their kite the highest. At the end of the day, everyone went home with a loot bag filled with different candies from all around the world. Our event was a great way for our community members to learn a lot about each other and different cultures while having fun at the same time.