This summer, our staff organized a trip to a local Canadian heritage museum. One boy, Jake*, who is of First Nations descent, was very interested in the various First Nations displays. This boy is currently placed in a non-First Nations foster home and does not have a lot of connection to his culture.

At almost every First Nations display, he stopped and asked his adult partner to read the information. He wanted the adult to identify and explain all of the items that were visible in these displays. This is a boy who can be very difficult to engage in simple books and activities, but being able to view the displays appeared to capture his interest and attention. He often asked questions about the information regarding the cultural displays and if First Nations traditions remained the same in current times. As an organization, we were very proud to have guided this young boy through the cultural exhibits so that he could reconnect to his cultural heritage.

*The name within this success story has been changed to protect the child’s privacy.