Dene Nahjo will host a two-week hide tanning camp in Yellowknife (Somba K’e). The proposed Hide Tanning Program will be hosted near City Hall Civic Plaza and include four components:

1. Hide Tanning Demonstrations
Led by our Hide Tanning team of elders and instructors, tanners from the various regions of the Northwest Territories will gather at civic plaza near City Hall to tan hides using regional techniques. The various stages and tools of the hide tanning process will be showcased.

2. Education
Guest speakers will be scheduled throughout the course of the camp on topics ranging from local history and language to decolonization and reconciliation. Filmmaker Amos Scott will be hosting a movie night featuring indigenous filmmakers.

3. Artists market –Showcase
Every Tuesday, the camp will be open late (as the Farmers’ Market is running at City Hall) and there will be an indigenous artists market in the hide tanning camp.

4. Public outreach: Monday to Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily the visitors to the hide tanning camp will be able to observe & assist in traditional tanning in action. There will be guided tours daily at 11am and 1pm. A camp manager is on site answer questions.
• Providing expertise in creating hard to obtain tools and skill sets, under the guidance and mentorship of elders
• Offering the space and tools to develop capacity for self determination
• Providing time and space for participants to connect to their culture
• Teaching the public (both tourists and NWT residents) northern cultures and hide tanning techniques from various regions of the NWT
• Developed skill sets to provide future tanners with the tools they need
• Developed skill sets to continue culture practices
• Finished hides for participants use for further indigenous creation of clothing and fine art.
• Intergenerational relationships formed
• Cultural practices are passed on
• Capacity for self-determination developed
• Deepened connection to culture
• Deepened connection to the land
• Showcase important aspect of northern culture to the public

Contact Information

Heather Nakehk'o
Office Manager/Senior Project Administrator
(867) 444-3363

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