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A statue of the Indian monk, Swami Vivekananda, displayed at Neeginan (Aboriginal Cultural Centre) in Winnipeg serves as a curious bridge between two communities. It inspired the short documentary, SPIRITS, by Shreela & Kash on the journey of the Swami from India across Western Canada in 1893.

On May 7, 2017, to share this 150 year old Canadian story, Shreela & Kash created an intercultural exploratory experience facilitated by the Vedanta Society of Edmonton, Hindu Society of Alberta and Kohkam Kisewatiswin Society around the spiritual similarities that Aboriginal and Hindu people share. The event included an opening and sacred fire ceremonies, video screening of SPIRITS, guest speaker, Bill Shead, Chairman of the Neeginan Centre of Winnipeg, followed by a bannock and tulsi tea reception, The feedback at the end was to repeat this event again in a year. The goal is to deepen intergenerational relationships amongst us.

This year brings an opportunity to experience historic first exploration circles that are free and open to everyone during the year that is Canada’s 150th. To help facilitate an exploration in your circle around Aboriginal and Hindu spirituality, please contact Shreela through

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