Week-end event that celebrates Canadian science and innovation in a family-friendly atmosphere. At exactly 1:50 pm on each day, come participate in Edmonton’s largest geyser experiment. Then take in the rest of the science centre which will be filled with activities centered around the science of survival. We’ll be tracing disease outbreaks in the Body Fantastic, surviving crash landings in Space Place, escaping natural disasters in the Science Garage, exploring the potential for life on other planets in the Margaret Zeidler Theatre, and electrifying the Science Stage. We’ll be handing out passports to help our guests find all of the activities around the building. Among the listed activities are the Power of Ideas Exhibition and the Actua Maker Mobile tables. If guests complete one of three lists of activities, they have access to the Refueling Station to receive a reward: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with a protein topper (oven-roasted crickets).

Contact Information

Annie Prud'homme-Genereux
VP Sciences
(780) 289-8588

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