For many years, the campaign to protect the Peel River Watershed has been captivating the imagination and the hearts of Yukoners and Canadians. Over this period, we made “the Peel” a household name in the Yukon, and introduced Canada and the world to its significance and beauty. The campaign to protect one of the largest intact watersheds remaining in North America has fueled thousands to share their voice and their vote to Protect the Peel.

After years of ongoing legal battles, the case to protect the Peel Watershed was heard by the Supreme Court of Canada on March 22nd 2017. And as Yukoners wait for the verdict, it is a good time to reflect on the history of this great campaign and the work done before to build up to today's success.

The Archives Project allowed us to go into the archives to find some stories behind the campaign and find the gems that help tell the story of the history of the Peel Campaign. And to sort the files of previous programs and campaigns that got us to its door step. It was a small project and there is still work to be done, but it has brought an energy to the long period of waiting. And helped tell the story to inspire a deeper understanding about the people, places and events of the Peel that have shaped our community and country.

The Yukon Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society was founded in 1992 by Yukon citizens committed to the protection of our natural world. Our mission is to safeguard Yukon's wild lands, waters and wildlife for current and future generations, working with the public, First Nations and other governments, communities and organizations to foster appropriate and responsible use of our lands and waters.

The Peel River Watershed has been CPAWS Yukon's signature campaign since 2001, and the campaign has seen tremendous growth. The Peel River Watershed is one of the largest intact watersheds remaining in North America and is the homeland of four First Nations. For many years, CPAWS Yukon and its partners have been working tirelessly to protect this majestic area from development.

At over 68,000 square kilometres of rugged northern wilderness, the Peel Watershed in northern Yukon is one of the largest unroaded natural areas in the world. For the four First Nations who call it home, the pure rivers and majestic mountains of the Peel have provided physical and cultural nourishment since time immemorial.

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