A series of co-curated community building events that will raise awareness of citizenship, sustainable living, indigenous awareness and social inclusion in the spirit of the 150th anniversary of the confederation of Canada.

Our project will build community via co-organized educational and awareness-raising events, re-forging long-time historical links in our neighbourhood. In co-creating and co-curating these events with local groups that don’t have a history of working together, we also aim to educate residents new and old on issues of social inclusion, sustainability, and citizenship. Finally, we hope to kickstart new sustainable activities and renewed leadership via event-oriented partnerships in Milton Parc.

Importantly, all events are co-animated:

- Earth Day Festival (April 22nd) celebrating Canada’s natural environment and the need for its citizens to protect it;
- Canada Day Festival: celebrating Canada’s natural beauty, communities, diversity, history (July 1st);
- Monthly citizen workshops: Bring citizens together with experts to talk about sustainable living, social inclusion, indigenous awareness and access to housing;
- Canadian Centre For Architecture: A community visit to the CCA exhibition about environmental issues in Canada ‘It’s All Happening So Fast.’
- Indigenous awareness education: blanket exercises, artistic workshops, film screenings, public talks (four events, TBD);
- Neighbourhood walking tours: using story-telling and popular education, riveting speakers will animate Milton Parc’s social history, cultural diversity and housing cooperatives;
- Urban Citizenship Forum: Sustainable urban citizenship event in the lead up to Montreal’s November elections (on September 21st);
- Film screenings: screenings of movies/docs on sustainable living, social inclusion, indigenous awareness and access to housing (dates TBD).

Contact Information

Nathan McDonnell
(514) 561-4656

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