To kick of the Bow Valley Mural Project, the Town of Canmore invited the community to paint the street in front of Canmore’s Civic Centre on June 27, 28 and 30 with local Artist Lucie Bause. The design of the ‘road mural’ was created in a way that strengthened community bonds and encouraged all residents to participate in the development of this public art piece.

Based on the principles of Tactical Urbanism, this public art fixture engaged a broad spectrum of community members and transformed a busy intersection into a community hub. By deliberating transforming a vehicle centric intersection into a community hub, not only will social capital increase, but community residents will be active participates in increasing this social capital.

Prior to painting the mural, Lucie hosted a community workshop at the Town of Canmore Civic Centre on May 29. At this workshop, she engaged youth and the public by asking: What does Canada mean to you? How do you feel about Canada? What symbols or patterns represent Canada for you and why? Participants created simple designs using the circle template, which they took home. The workshop and the art created, directly influenced Lucie's final design for the Road Mural.

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