Our 24 hour bioblitz will be a celebration of biodiversity in Cambridge and North Dumfries and bring together scientists and the general public as we explore 900+ acres for all the wildlife that call 'rare' home.

In Canada’s 150th year, there is a national effort to capture a snapshot of Canada’s biodiversity from coast to coast to coast. The rare Charitable Research Reserve has joined a partnership of
leading conservation, education, and research organisations with the collective goal of both documenting biodiversity and connecting the public to nature through bioblitz events across the country.

Here in Waterloo Region, on the rare reserve in the Township of North Dumfries, we will host a bioblitz open to the community. Our project aims to celebrate the biodiversity in Waterloo Region and engage its citizens in exploration of this landscape, all while collecting valuable information on the state of species residing here. Our project addresses the lack of species occurrence records in the area, allowing scientists an community members to gather data that will contribute to rare and Waterloo Region species lists as well as international databases. Any new occurrences may contribute to provincial or even national records.

The workshops offered as part of the bioblitz will empower citizens to become environmental stewards in their local natural settings, through increased education on the organisms in their area.