The Roberts Creek Community Legacy Garden will be a welcoming, educational hub where sustainable growing and food security practices will be demonstrated and as a response to climate change, a wide array of environmental educational opportunities will be provided for Roberts Creek Elementary students and the community at large.

The Roberts Creek Community Legacy Garden, located in the heart of Roberts Creek, is on School District 46 property, adjacent to Robert Creek Elementary School. The garden will function as a vibrant centre for community capacity building and will engage citizens as drivers and stewards of the project. A beautiful demonstration & teaching garden will replace the existing lot of invasive weeds. The processes of planning, building and maintaining the Legacy Garden will offer extensive opportunities to practice and promote sustainable gardening practices, environmental education and climate change mitigation.

Impact/Community Benefits:
• A Legacy Garden Celebration will highlight our regional Canadian identity.
• Art installations celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary will be produced by students and community members.
• Garden will feature permaculture principles, water conservation systems, composts, fruit trees, vegetables and indigenous plants.
• Wheelchair accessible path
• A covered outdoor learning space will act as the focal point of the garden.
• Workshops for the public and curriculum for students will include: tree pruning, invasive plants, permaculture principles, site design, mulching, composting, water conservation, irrigation, and wetland conservation.
• Students will learn local about our local ecology, indigenous plants and traditional medicinal use of native plants.

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Sheila Wilson
(604) 885-3481

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