This program provides children with an opportunity for direct, hands-on experience in a rotation of directed pioneer activities that connect them to their own heritage. Offered have been century crafts such as rug braiding, wool spinning, wood carving, quilting, hand sewing; as well as pioneer games; storytelling; Swiss-German 4 square heritage gardening; food preparations like sausage making, biscuit baking; pioneer dance and music; sheep shearing; road building; barn raising; pollinators; and of course historical tours.

Over the course of twenty-seven years in operation, 440 instructors have been on site to provide heritage studies and conduct bus tours for 4000 Kindergarten to Gr. 8 students in 200 classes in both the public and catholic sectors of the Huron and Perth County Elementary Schools; Homeschoolers; Stratford and District Christian School; and Sunshine Montessori School.

Contact Information

Kathryn Haynes
Director on the Board
(905) 236-1941