150 Ways Schools show Climate Leadership is the collection and celebration of environmental projects undertaken by Alberta, especially Calgary area, students and schools to help the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emission and create a low carbon future.

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) hosted a gathering and celebration to highlight the top 150 ways schools show climate leadership on November 4, 2017. A tree grew out of these ideas, with 150 leaves sharing the schools’ environmental or energy project, celebrating both climate leadership and Canada's 150th anniversary.

Thank you to the 14 schools, 80 students, teachers, parents, MLAs, government staff, school board trustees and associations, and other groups that support schools who attended this great event.

Students from Ted Harrison school share what the day meant to them:
"Coming to this event really enhanced my knowledge on all these other projects that people have been working on and it also gave me the chance to get feedback on the project we're working on"~Yazdaan
"Coming to this event changes my perspective. That there is a change and a hope. That people want to change the environment and the future"~Cianne
"It's also made me realize that I can do something in the world"~Izza

Students were thrilled to share their work with the other schools and distinguished guests - see list of participating schools and their projects below:
Career and Technology Centre - Energy and Environmental Innovation
Ian Bazalgette School - The Clean Water Birthday Project
Highwood School - Solar powered ovens and ipad chargers
Arbour Lake School - Food Miles and Learning with Seniors
Olds High School - Food = community gardens and earth boxes / Fair Trade = supporting these systems respects the environment, combats climate change and helps producers deal with the changing climates.
Building Futures - Hydroponics Demonstration
Connect Charter School - School-wide Composting Program
Lacombe Composite High School - BEEWISE and LEAF (Lacombe Education Agriculture Foods System)
Dr. E. W. Coffin School - Catch the Wave - Raising awareness about single use wrappers
Rundle College - Using LEGO to learn about solar, wind and human powered energy
Ted Harrison School - Humanizing electricity through design thinking and integrating Western and Indigenous systems for granting rights and privileges for our resources
Robert Thirsk High School - Living Wall and Natural Sciences Program
Collingwood School and Senator Patrick Burns-
Eco Site School - How do we reduce our emissions effectively?

Media extended the reach of the students great work by sharing it with their audience too:

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